Travertine is a natural stone that continues to gain popularity not only for its natural state, but also for its unique texture and adaptability to rough conditions.

As importers and wholesalers of an exclusive line of Italian Travertine, it is our mission at NCM Importers to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make the best choice for your project.

While most people think marble or granite when choosing natural stones ¾ especially for kitchen and bathroom remodeling ¾ Travertine has often more to offer.

Here are 3 reasons why travertine is a very unique and adaptable natural stone, for any indoor or outdoor design idea.

  1. Neutrality, Durability, and Distinctiveness

Unlike other natural stones such as marble and granite, travertine stands out for being the most durable, neutral, and easiest natural stone to mesh with any indoor or outdoor project and design.

Being a uniquely strong stone, Travertine is highly resilient to harsh weather conditions, making it one of the best material for showers and any outdoor renovation project.

It is easy to work with and has a unique texture, covered with holes caused within the stone by escaping molecules of carbon dioxide, during the natural formation of the stone in the hot springs of Turkey and Italy. Click here to learn more about Travertine.

  1. One Stone. Countless Options 

Travertine comes in a variety of colors, finishes and sizes, providing you with durability and style. Travertine’s most popular colors (such as Noche, Beige, Moka, silver and Walnut), come in different shades and finishes (ex: polished, honed, line cut, light, dark, pavers, honed and filled, brushed and Chiseled), bringing magnificence, elegance and innovation to any design.

Travertine varies significantly from one finish to another, making it even more appealing of a choice. Whether you are looking for a kitchen makeover and beautiful, long-lasting countertop, preparing to build your dream bathroom, shopping for flooring material or even considering upgrading your outdoors, Travertine is always an excellent choice.

3. Having a Hard Time Picking a Stone? Go With Travertine! 

Travertine is the best answer when you are having a hard time picking the perfect stone. You must also consider many factors such as durability, style, price, options, colors etc.

With Travertine, there is a pattern, finish, color and size for every taste and budget. Finally, let us not forget long-term smart investment, since Travertine adds value and luxury to your property.

Visit NCM Importers (previously known as Nature Craft Marble) showroom today and choose from an exclusive and one of the finest lines of Italian Travertine in the country, in addition to an extensive inventory of the best natural and man-made stones, countertop and vanity fabrication, slabs, tiles, sinks, mosaics and more.

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