There is no doubt that Crystalized Onyx is a unique stone that brings a WOW effect and speaks luxury. Onyx is expensive, and unlike other natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine etc., it lacks the neutrality to mesh with all projects, since it may not appeal to the traditional and classic, but rather to the modern and eclectic.

At NCM Importers, we carry a beautiful and extensive variety of Crystalized Onyx at unbeatable prices, which makes our showrooms highly attractive to contractors, designers, homeowners and other Onyx enthusiasts.

Here are 6 things we recommend our customers know and understand about Crystalized Onyx and the best ways of using it.

  1. Onyx is a Great Choice When Looking for the “Wow effect”

If you’re looking to have a unique design that makes a statement, exhibits innovation and creativity with a touch of luxury and awe, Crystalized Onyx is your answer.

Choices of colors and patterns are infinite. Onyx is not a classic stone. It is an overwhelmingly sharp and attractive stone ideally used to add the “Wow Effect” for unique projects, luxurious, commercial and residential designs. That makes a statement. Original. Luxury. Wow effect. Add the wow effect.

2. The Magical Effect of Back-lit Onyx

Be it at an extravagant, luxury hotel or an exotic home, Crystalized Onyx undoubtedly transforms any room into an exquisite masterpiece.

This unique, natural stone adds charm like no other, especially when back-lit with white neon installed beneath or behind it (based on the how the stone is used), revealing its surreal beauty and allowing its pattern and color to create a magical feel and ambiance.

whether it is countertops, kitchen (noticeable but not too bright), bar, exotic, unique, install neon behind and let it glow.

3. In the Bathroom

Onyx is very expensive to be used for flooring. Therefore, it is often used in small areas such as bathrooms, to add luxury and style.

In bathrooms, crystalized onyx is ideally used for flooring, around and behind the bathtub, and for back-lit vanity tops and integrated sinks. This stone is a great choice for contemporary designs.

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4. In the kitchen

Crystalized Onyx will turn your kitchen into an exquisite space in your home. Whether you choose it for back-lit kitchen islands, countertops, or even low-lit wall trimming and décor, with Onyx, you will have people talking and your kitchen inviting.

5. Commercial Designs and Luxury Offices

Woodland hotel – onyx bar countertop

Luxury hotels, restaurants, corporate and boutique companies have been leaning more towards contemporary and trending luxury rather than classic design.

Onyx is transforming lobbies into breathtaking spaces with decorative back-lit wall panels, sophisticated bar countertops, and lavish desks. Luxurious hotels are incorporating this beautiful stone into their spas, bathrooms and suites, creating a warm and inviting environment of sophisticated and exquisite designs.

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